What Clients Say

marcia-tedx“Brad brings so much value to his presentations, and that’s why I continue to invite him back to my Become an Inspiring Speaker workshop. I can always depend on him to give everything he’s got. My audiences love him and he hits it out of the park every time.”
—Marcia Wieder, CEO, Dream University®


“Brad Stauffer is a terrific speaker! He has a lively, upbeat style and content that couldn’t be more timely. Brad engages the audience immediately and leaves people asking for more. If you’re looking for a speaker who is smart, funny, and wise, Brad’s your guy. I can’t recommend him more highly.”
—Beth Milwid, Ph.D.

barbara-fagan“Brad recently provided a full-day training on branding and marketing for our coach training weekend. He has a great way of being with people that excites and ignites them to their authentic self – not just marketing. Not only did he keep them engaged the whole day, but he also delivered a wealth of inspiring and practical branding and marketing tools and strategies. Brad is a pro, an expert in his field and I have benefited tremendously as a result of his commitment and contribution to our company. I highly recommend him.”
—Barbara Fagan, CEO, Source Point Training


“Brad’s passion as an orator is felt in the messages that lie beneath his words. It is in this silence that Brad invites us to hear only what we are ready to hear. To me, this not only makes a great speaker, but a great messenger.”
—Karen Michel, Finalist TLC’s The Messengers


Jon White, Finalist, 2013 World Championship of Public Speaking“Brad has the skills found in an effective speaker—presence, poise, humor, charisma and more. But what sets Brad apart from the crowd is his honesty and transparency. He dismisses the superficial and dives in deep, in everything he talks about. He will go to the most intimate, personal and vulnerable places that so many of us are afraid to travel, all in the name of accepting and celebrating our higher selves.”
—Jon White, Finalist, 2013 World Championship of Public Speaking


Eleanor Brownn“Brad is engaging, heartfelt and filled with helpful information I especially like the way he includes everyone and keeps it interactive. Bringing in his personal background allows us to see his vulnerability and gives his presentation depth. Brad is definitely a master at creating a safe space for people to become empowered.”
—Eleanor Brownn, Writer