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How Smart Leaders Leverage
 Their Personal Brand
Leadership comes in all sorts and sizes, with just as many effective, as ineffective, outcomes. The best leaders are confident in their strengths, and can also acknowledge when they need help. They know themselves, including their greatness as well as their quirkiness. True leaders know their personal brand and use that knowledge to create the greatest results. Learn how to discover and create your personal and authentic brand, and how to leverage it to be one of today’s smart leaders.

The Power of Authenticity
When individuals learn to “get real” and be authentic, they experience more success and fulfillment in their work and life. Removing the mask
 and fully embracing one’s self is a powerful change. Moving from an act to being the “real you” 100% opens up opportunities, engages more people and in the end, improves business. In this inspiring presentation, audiences learn where authenticity may be missing in their life, why it’s important to grasp it, and the three key steps to discover their authentic self.

How to Make Your Mark at Workhtmym-hand
Today’s job market is more competitive and demanding than ever. It can take a lot of effort to stay engaged, let alone stay ahead and get the recognition you deserve. However, when individuals can leverage their strengths, build solid relationships and communicate clearly, they can have powerful tools to stand solid in their contribution to the bottom line. In this motivating presentation, learn solid steps to be the most effective that you can be in your career or in your own business. Leave empowered, engaged and enlivened.

Bullied to Brilliant:
 Turning Childhood Pain into
 Grown-Up Passion
Everyone has a story. Perfect childhood or not, our stories contribute to who we are. For some, bullying 
is part of their story. It has had tremendous impact on many lives,
 but fortunately, that doesn’t have to 
be the end of the story. In this heart-touching, yet empowering presentation, Brad shares his personal “it gets 
better” story, and the powerful steps 
he learned to turn his pain into real purpose. Audiences learn why stories matter, how to step into their personal greatness and live a more fulfilling life, no matter the story.

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  • Living Your Vision Everyday


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