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Everywhere we turn and everything we read these days, there’s talk about branding. From branded Twitter pages to Personal Branding Coaches, there seems to be a lot of pressure to “get branded.” I regularly hear from entrepreneurs who ask, “How do I get a brand?” My response is “You already have one!”

You Are Born Branded
Similar to the unique fingerprint and DNA that we all have, an individual brand also exists within each of us. We are born branded. Branding isn’t the only way we stand out in our market, but it’s at the top of the list. Your brand is the presence and package that keeps you and your business grounded, so you can focus on your goals, and attract your preferred customer.

There are many definitions of a brand, and here is my personal version:

Your personal brand is an innate and designed representation of you; born from your DNA and pulled from your passion; that defines your purpose, honors your true essence and delivers your authentic message, which attracts and influences your awaiting audience.

Do you see the recipe of combining your very authentic self with your passion?

Get Grounded in Your True Self
Step into your greatness and welcome your idiosyncrasies. See them, feel them and accept them. Then examine your values, strengths, interests, experiences and skills; your “wants” and your “don’t wants.” Prioritize them according to your true knowing, as well as your passion level. Once you tap into that very real place of authenticity and clarity, and step out as the real you, you’ll find, see and experience your brand. The great news about discovering and designing your personal brand is that it’s all about the real you. What really works is you get to be yourself 100%, with all your talents and skills, and even your quirks.

When you are rock-solid in an authentic and consistent brand, the rest of your business-building and marketing activities move from being overwhelming and challenging, to ease and flow. There’s no hype to conjure up and no spin to create. You just get to be you; marketing, writing and speaking from your heart in a very natural way. What could be easier? It’s almost as if you were born branded!