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Brad has presence, poise, humor,

charisma and all the skills found in an effective speaker. But what sets Brad apart from the crowd is his honesty and transparency. He will go to the most…vulnerable places, all in the name of accepting and celebrating our higher selves. — Jon White, Finalist,...

Brad brings so much value

to his presentations. That’s why I continue to invite him back to my Become an Inspiring Speaker workshop. I can always depend on him to give everything he’s got. My audiences love him and he hits it out of the park every time.” — Marcia Wieder, CEO, Dream...

Your personal brand

is an innate and designed representation of you; born from your DNA and pulled from your passion; that defines your purpose, honors your true essence and delivers your authentic message, which attracts and influences your awaiting audience. —Brad...

Coming Soon!

My new book, Make Your Mark: 7 Keys to Authentic Personal Branding, will be released soon. Come back for updated news on it’s arrival!

Engage Your Audience

Audiences love to engage in presentations and participate. Brad Stauffer is a master at connecting to audiences, leaving them inspired and in action.