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Do you have a clear and heart-based message that you feel you are meant to bring into the world?

Most likely you have spent time considering your niche, market, offerings and more. Those are all vital elements of nailing a clear and consistent brand for you and your business. For many, it takes a lot of personal work, inside and out, to create an effective, authentic personal brand. It is indeed a necessary first step in getting clear on your business and marketing strategies. But what if there was another path to this clarity? What if we began with our key message instead?

Instead of working on your branding statement, elevator speech, media pitch or tagline, consider the “message” that you are called to bring into the world. After all, behind all of our company names, credentials and trainings, are our own personal stories and passions that most likely jumpstarted our entrepreneurial journeys. I’ve been clear on my brand for many years. But only this year, did I begin to consider “my story” and feel called to bring it into the world. As I stepped more and more into the idea of being a “messenger” and leaving a legacy, I realized the importance of knowing my key message.

A New Perspective
For years, I have worked with individuals, helping them to discover and design their authentic personal brand. I am very passionate about people being clear on their brand, so they can more effectively be who we were meant to be in the world. We work through a specific branding process that consistently evokes a clear, authentic brand. That same process has worked for me as I have continued to hone and fine-tune my own brand. However let’s consider a new path that I have discovered in my own journey.

Through speaking and teaching the last few years, I continue to refine the topics that I am passionate about and that resonate with my audiences. As I have fully stepped into my authenticity in my speaking, writing and “life,” I have also discovered the power of my story. I have begun to bring more personal stories, perspectives and boldness to my presentations. And through that process, my purpose and key message have gotten clearer and clearer. Feedback from audiences is also confirming. As I have gotten more in touch with that special message, the idea of impacting the whole world is becoming more real for me. The concept of leaving a legacy is becoming a reality. It is not just about inspiring people to be clear on their authentic personal brand anymore. I have learned it is bigger than that. The key message that I am meant to bring into the world is about stepping into our greatness, fully embracing every aspect of ourselves and courageously showing up. My intention is to create more trust, truth, respect and love, while reducing hate, violence, bullying, cheating and selfishness. Imagine loving every single detail of your DNA from the greatness to the quirkiness. If we all came from a place of self-love first, wouldn’t that ripple confidence and more truth around the world? How powerful is that?

Hear Your Heart
Your heart holds your key message. Oftentimes, we focus on what’s marketable or how we can stand out by having a unique niche, business offering or signature product. What can we do or say that no one else is doing or saying? How can we be unique experts? Again, your heart holds the true key.

As I regularly “preach” in my presentations and consulting, we are all unique individuals just as we are. Not only do we have our own special DNA not shared by anyone else in the world, but we also have our individual gifts and experiences. We have unique strengths, talents and abilities, as well as our personal joys, sadness and stories that make us who we are: unique individuals. Within the span of our lives, there are experiences and events that shape us; that influence who we are. For some, that experience spirals down a difficult path for a long time. For others, via that difficult path, or a different path, it leads to discovering a purpose, calling or mission. It teaches us about passion, and what makes us truly feel alive. Somewhere in all of this is a message…an important message that is to be told.

Take some time to hear your heart. This time let go of nailing your niche, targeting your market or landing your brand. This time, just be still. Reflect on your greatness and hear and feel all of the wonderfulness that is you. Then take a look at what shaped you, besides your DNA. What have you learned in life that transformed you? What was your path in becoming who you are? Where is the nugget of truth that set you free to boldly step out into the world? What is your heart telling you?

A Bigger Vision
As you listen to your heart, while learning about your key message, consider the impact on your vision. What is different or will be different? Who are you with a clear and heart-based message? What message are you called to bring into the world now?

My vision is now bigger than ever. By learning about my key message, I am much clearer on my brand and how I will make this world a better place for my grandchildren and their children. What will be your key message? What will be your legacy? What is your brand now?